What to expect when you visit us.

Here are some key aspects of what we do for our patients.

Comprehensive Assessment

The clinic will conduct a thorough assessment of each patient's condition to identify the underlying causes of their musculoskeletal issues. This may involve medical history interviews, physical examinations, diagnostic imaging (such as X-rays, MRI, or CT scans), and specialized tests to evaluate the patient's range of motion, strength, flexibility, and functional limitations.

Patient Education

A key component of what we do is patient education. We provide information and guidance to help patients understand their condition, its causes, and the treatment options available. We may offer advice on self-care techniques, ergonomics, lifestyle modifications, and preventive measures to minimise the risk of future musculoskeletal problems.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

We have dedicated rehabilitation programs to assist patients in their recovery process. These programs may include targeted exercises, strength training, flexibility exercises, and functional training to improve muscle strength, joint stability, and overall mobility. Rehabilitation may also involve pain management strategies and psychological support to address any emotional or psychological aspects associated with the condition.

Customized Treatment Plans

Based on the assessment results, the clinic will develop customised treatment plans tailored to each patient's specific needs and goals. The treatment plan may include a combination of therapies and interventions, such as physical therapy exercises, manual therapy techniques (e.g., massage, joint mobilisation), acupuncture, electrotherapy, and rehabilitation programs. The goal is to alleviate pain, restore function, improve mobility, and enhance overall well-being.

Multidisciplinary Team

We are a team of healthcare professionals from various disciplines, working collaboratively to provide comprehensive care. This team may include orthopaedic specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports medicine physicians, pain management specialists, and rehabilitation therapists. Having a diverse team ensures that patients receive a holistic approach to their care, with different perspectives and expertise contributing to the treatment plan.

Collaboration with Other Specialists

Depending on the complexity of the cases, we may collaborate with other specialists, such as orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, neurologists, and radiologists, to provide the most comprehensive and coordinated care possible. This collaboration ensures that patients receive the appropriate referrals for further investigation, surgical intervention, or specialised care, if required.

Follow-Up Care

We will generally provide ongoing follow-up care to monitor progress, adjust treatment plans if needed, and support long-term management of the condition. Follow-up appointments may include reassessments, treatment modifications, and additional education to help patients maintain their musculoskeletal health and prevent future issues.